Monday, March 2, 2009

25 random things about me

Sandya one of my good friends who is a great thinker and a full time/dedicated blog writer suggested me to write a blog on 25 random things about it is.....

1. I am a person who is longing since many years to become fit from fat. This is one of my effortless wish. Atlast i found a person just like me in this matter. She always announces her boiled vegetable diet plan and weight loss challenges. She, as always joined me today too for the great milk peda and carrot halwa attack. She herself forgot that she is going to join the health club today.

2. I am very sensitive. The unexpected behaviours from my dear ones always make me unhappy. I always think about the quote once said by one of my old friend " EXPECTATIONS LEAD TO DISAPPOINTMENT" . But for me its very difficult to live without expectations.

3. I always plan a lot. In the School days, I always make time tables for completing lessons. I spend long hours in preparing time tables and less time in finishing my studies. Even in the previous day of the exams, i prepare big and extensive time schedules. This had continued till my post graduation. After getting a job I made diet plans, cost cutting plans, shopping plans, saving plans etc. After my marriage, I started making extensive travel plans. Till now I have made plans to make trip to Kullu-Manali-Delhi package and Switzerland. Let me tell you the truth.....I have not made any of these plans from childhood to till date practically possible. I know its an ultimate time waste. but still i make plans for each day, each hour, each minute, each second.......

4. I always have the blessing of having very good friends. Where ever i go, i manage to make a group of friends of similar attitude, taste and approach. I usually think of my sister and husband in this matter. Both the people doesn't have even a single friend. How their life could be?

5. I usually regret for two things. One for wasting money for shopping and another one when I fight with my husband. In both the matters, I do it purposefully and unnecessarily.

6. I am afraid of loud noises (especially crackers) and the creatures other than humans. Nobody understands this. Even my dear ones make fun of my this nature which is really painful for me.

7. I hate the society of my home town as they show interests in other people's matters. They are jealous of other people's ups and very happy in other's downs. Here it is not a fast life and so enough time for all to speak about other people. For this reason, I wish for a change of place where life is fast and people wont talk about other people.

8. My long time worry is the swelling in my both the ankles. I am lazy enough to do exercises and food control so that I can reduce my weight. I expect it will reduce once my BMI become normal.

9. I think I am a good advisor to others. But i wont follow my these advices in my own life.

10. I like to be elder every where. As in my family I am elder to three sisters. In my husband's family also I am elder than my brother in law. This indicates my wish for leadership.

11. I got recently married to a person whom i knew for last 8-9 years. I understood that knowing a person before marriage has got least importance in a successful married life. The ultimate fact is female gender has to do a lot of sacrifices and adjustments for a successful married life.

12. I appreciate my parents for giving me good education and I blame them for not giving me enough exposure in extra curricular activities. They should have send me for the dance classes. They should have made me understand the importance of sports. They should have bought me bicycle to go to school. All these may be small things for others. But for me all these matters.

13. I want to act in a drama. I wish i could wear different costumes of the character and play that to the audience.

14. Most of the time, i look funny to others. It is one of my good habit that i am able to make others laugh. Laughing is the best medicine for stress relieving.

15. I am ending with my 15th point. I don't find 25 random things in me. So let me finish with this 15 points. This is one of my most important character......It is really difficult for me to finish one job which i promised. I start with great spirits, then i get bored and incomplete it, as i said in my first point regarding my dieting and my future planning